For Concerned Loved Ones

Are you the parent, grandparent, or a concerned loved one of a young adult between the ages of 17 and 32? Do you find yourself…?

  • Exhausted from seeing your young adult struggle to live an independent and fulfilled life
  • Concerned about past, current, and future financial costs of maintaining and supporting your young adult
  • Having sleepless nights worrying about your young adult
  • Feeling like a failure as a parent, grandparent or loved one because your young adult is not living a thriving life
  • Having a hard time creating a positive relationship with your young adult
  • Frustrated with your inability to “get” your young adult up and out and creating a life they love
  • Wondering if your young adult will ever become fully financially independent

I’d like to invite you to imagine what it would be like to have a relationship full of love, compassion, trust, closeness, and understanding with the young adult(s) in your life. If that vision brings joy and warmth to you, it would be an honor to talk with you about how Evolve Journey’s programs can help launch your young adult into the greatest version of themselves, while concurrently evolving your relationship into a healthy, loving one with your young adult. Please contact me anytime.

If you or your young adult are interested in qualifying for a free Awesome Life Assessment call, please click here.

See what our clients are saying:

“Julie has helped transform our young adult daughter in such a positive way. Her coaching has enabled her to see a future and focus on goals and going after what she wants out of life. We are truly grateful for her guidance and have recommended her to other young adults looking for direction after college.”

-Betsy L.

“…As a result of Julie’s coaching I believe in my own ability to self-heal in a whole new way. I am more capable of managing stress and anxiety by self-regulating and utilizing breathing techniques, visualization and meditation…”

-Kate B.

“Julie is a gem. The way she hears you even when you don’t hear yourself is a gift that continues to amaze me. She not only helps you to uncover your blind spots in your way of thinking, feeling and doing some of what you do, but she also reminds you to acknowlege yourself for what you’ve accomplished during your journey. Her integrity and compassion are strengths in leading you to be a better self and a better person within the people you love.”

-Marie M.G.

“Julie is a compassionate coach and a great listener. She is dedicated to her own growth and evolution. She walks her talk! The results I got working with Julie were unexpected and I’m extremely grateful!”

-Charuta A.

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