Who We Serve

We offer education, training, and coaching for:

The Your Freakin’ Amazing Awesome Life!™ programs are designed for young adults who are determined to create balanced, whole, well, and mostly AMAZING lives as they step into independence. Working with us will:

  • Build a foundation that provides a map to your ideal, holistically-well life
  • Gain the tools you need to create your ideal life
  • Have deep confidence and peace from a greater knowing of your true self
  • Transform how you come to the table in life
  • Breakthrough anxiety, stress, and/or depression quickly and effectively

Small group programs are designed for 2-10 attendees who are seeking to experience personal evolution along side others, such as life-partners, families, friends or other community members. To create your custom small group experience, please contact us. Some examples of our programs include:

  • Small group class series
  • Outdoor healing and nurturing experiences for women
  • Couples or whole-family Personal Evolution Strategy© sessions

Offerings to businesses come in a variety of formats and are completely customizable for the needs of your organization or team. To create your custom experience, please contact us. These programs offer businesses the opportunity to:

  • Increase productivity across the organization
  • Deepen connections between workforce members, resulting in greater trust and a stronger sense of community
  • Improve the well-being employees, managers, and leaders