Julie Korotkin, LCSW, MBA

Hi, I’m Julie, a.k.a. The Holistic Well-Being Guide, and am so honored you are here!  Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit about my journey and business.  Creating Evolve Journey™ and helping people heal themselves to create their most amazing lives is my purpose on earth.  Since I was a child, it’s been in my nature to support, nurture, and care for others.

In the late 1990s, I started on my path towards professionally supporting people on their personal evolution journeys.  I earned my Bachelor’s of Social Work from Georgia State University in 1998, my Master’s of Social Work from New York University in 2001.  As I gained skills and experience specializing in co-occurring mental illness and substance addictions, I earned my License of Clinical Social Work in the State of Colorado in 2004. 

After serving hundreds of clients through one-to-one and group psychotherapy, family and couples therapy, family group therapy, workshops, and trainings, I gained expertise in the treatment of anxiety, depression, other mood disorders, trauma, addictions, women’s issues, interpersonal communication, and so very much more.  It was a time of growth and development, and I eventually hit burn out.  I needed a break from the field as a full time practitioner and decided to try something different.

In 2007, I earned my Master’s of Business Administration from the University of Denver with concentrations in Marketing and Business Development.  The exponential expansion of my view of the world and how to apply business strategy to all areas of life began to take shape.  I jumped into real estate sales and vacation property management.  It was an enjoyable time in my career and at the same time, I ached to return to my roots and purpose. 

I took a job working for a crisis phone line and through the connections built there, I was given the honor and privilege of teaching as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Denver’s Graduate School of Social Work.  There I honed my teaching, training, and coaching skills even further while facilitating courses on Program and Organizational Development, Leadership, and Group Facilitation.  I also designed new curricula for the Administration track of the program. 

Around this same time, I began experiencing chronic pain in my low back and hip.  From late 2010-2012, the second phase of my personal growth journey was ignited, and the work I offer now began to take shape.  Evolve Journey (initially called Evolve From Injury) was born in 2013 after I experienced the surgical reconstruction of my right hip.  My coaching model, The Model of Holistic Well-Being™, was a result of my healing experience. The Model has served me and my clients in ways I never imagined possible at its conception.  

The work that I offer now is a culmination of the most valuable tools and techniques I’ve used in my own life and with my clients over the last two decades. It is an honor and privilege to share them with you.  This work requires commitment, focus, ownership, willingness to take a hard look at yourself, drive and motivation to become your highest and best self.  Are you ready?  Let’s talk.