The One Thing Standing Between You and What You Want

The One Thing Standing Between You and What You Want

– An Intention Setting Workshop

Join me for a fun, potent workshop to learn a technique that will launch your

daily life into alignment with what you most want in your life & business.

Everyone needs tools in their toolbox to help sustain a well, satisfying life. This single session class is designed to up-level your ability to create anything you need and want in your life and business. If you are:

  • On a journey of healing and/or self-discovery
  • Driven to gain skills that will improve your sense of well-being and empowerment in your life & business
  • Using techniques for intention setting and they have not created what you seek
  • Interested in building a muscle that partners with the unseen energies around you
  • Excited about stepping into your Highest and Best life

Then this workshop is definitely for YOU!

Yes, there are tons of courses, trainings, workshops, etc. that offer intention setting content. This course is based on years of research, hands-on experience, and intuitive guidance. It is NOT like other programs you’ve participated in the past. This single class workshop will take you on a learning journey to:

  • Understand what a real, effective intention statement looks like and does not look like
  • Gain understanding of the power of language and how it creates our reality
  • Begin to change your own language in your day-to-day life
  • Align yourself with what matters most to you
  • Partner with the energy around you to create whatever it is you want or need
  • Gain a skill set that lasts a lifetime

This one-time workshop includes:

  • 1-1.5 hour live Zoom Call
    • Interactive environment
    • Guided visualization
    • Mind-body connection practice
    • Real-time coaching
  • Proprietary worksheets
  • Copy of slides and resources

The Details:

  • April 25, 2023, 6:30PM
  • Zoom
  • Have a notebook and pen handy
  • Come as you are
  • Would love to see your face on camera too
  • Total investment: $47