Freakin’ COVID-19 and Opportunity

I, like you, have been riding the waves of a global pandemic.  This life-altering time has been a painful gift to humanity.  In my mind, COVID-19 ripped off a thick scab covering a festering, oozing infection of rage, hate, fear, violence, ignorance, and intolerance.  So, on top of facing uncertain quarantines, the crashing economy, and an invisible enemy, our society has now been presented with civil unrest and violence in the streets.  I weep for us and our children right now (often).  And again, I know deep in my soul that it’s all a gift.

How you say?  

  • It’s a gift that has brought us to remember and be a part of community.
  •  It’s a gift that has shown us who our true friends and loved ones really are.  
  • It’s a gift that has opened the doors for us to return to nature, breathe fresh air, and be outside.  
  • It’s a gift that’s given us the opportunity to pause and see where our opportunities for growth truly lie.

Now more than ever there is a time for introspection and getting to know yourself on a deeper, more loving, personal level.  Is this something you’ve been doing?  Or perhaps it’s something you struggle with accomplishing?  

Given all the external stressors right now, it makes perfect sense if your personal development hasn’t been at the forefront of your mind. In fact, many people are struggling with anxiety, depression, resurfacing substance abuse, weight gain, etc. Again, there is time right here, right now to turn off the painful path of ruminating, being tearful, or wishing for an escape! You can, instead, choose to steer yourself into a place of optimism, strength, hope, and inner peace. If you are struggling, then maybe now is the time to invest in yourself and consider some simple guided visualizations or a deep dive into 1:1 coaching.

If you or someone you love is struggling right now, I implore you to seek support during these very troubled and stressful times. Humans are not designed to go it alone. We need each other more than ever. Please feel free to use me as a resource. I am here to serve.